Our animal companions are just as important to us as our family is. Many love to therefore bring their pets along a portrait shoot with them, or even have portraits taken of their favorite furry friend. Pricing for animal portraits are the same as for human portraits, but I’ll try to bring along a handful of treats for no extra charge.


  • Digital copies only with print rights: $550. Note: I work with a very high quality printer. I offer this selection based on the demand for it, but warn against printing at your local supermarket. I’ve had clients complain about poor prints, and assure you that this is not due to the photograph, but the printers and ink used at such places.
  • Basic print packages start at $650. They include digital copies with print rights, as well as am 11×14″ canvas, two 8.5×11″, and ten 5×7″ prints of your choosing.
  • Moderate print packages start at $900. You’ll receive digital copies with print rights, as well as a 14×22″ canvas, a 16×20″ metal print, five 8.5×11″ prints, and fifteen 5×7″ prints of your choosing.
  • Premium packages are for those who want everything. They start at $1400 and include digital copies with print rights, two 14×22″ canvases, two 16×20″ metal prints, a 20 page album I design with photos of your choice, ten 8.5×11″ prints, and fifteen 5.7″ prints.

If you would like to customize a package, please send me an email.